NOTICE - Due to the recent addition of EAC (Easy Anti-cheat) to VRChat we have decided to begin the process of moving our projects to Chillout VR. The current projects in progress we will be attempting to post on both platforms however with any projects moving forward we will be prioritizing Chillout VR as the release platform. -Nebula

The Corridor VR

Project Lead: SylviaCrisp

-- Chillout VR Port In Progress --A fan-remaster of the original game of the same name‚ The Corridor VR places you in a corridor‚ and a button․ That's it․ Or is it? World by SylviaCrisp‚ Nebula Animations‚ and Superscope․ Voiceover by Thomas Mackinnon․ A 20-30 minute experience‚ for solo‚ or with your friendsǃ


Project Lead: Tomb

Join a community of furries in hanging out, sharing art, and having fun together!

Rogue Cycle

Project Lead: Superscope

Work in progress fast-paced arena shooter with a neon 80's aesthetic. Inspired by games like Unreal Tournament and Quake.


Project Lead: SylviaCrisp


Project Lead: Nebula Animations


Project Lead: Nebula Animations


Nebula Animations

Owner - Aka: Neb

Hello! I am a self-taught Graphic Designer, VFX Artist, and Game Developer. Over the past 10 years I have had the honor to work with Aston Martin, Admiral Bahroo, Grey Newell, Activator, and Please Stop Talking. You can always find me in a VC with some of my closest friends playing games, working on new projects, or just hanging out. I hope to see you around sometime in the Discord server and thanks for checking out the site! :D


Aka: Cuddle Extraordinaire

Hi there! I'm SylviaCrisp. I'm a Graphic Designer of 5 years, Musician for 14, and a 3D modeler/designer of 2 years. I spend most of my free time making avatars and worlds for VRChat, as well as other custom projects. I love spending time playing piano and playing games with the community. Hope to see you sometime!


Aka: Spaghetti God

100’s of hours in Udon Graph
Likes experimental spaghetti


Aka: Space Boy

I am a VRChat avatar creator. A vast amount of my work draws inspiration from my favorite game, Destiny 2, and I am always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of my avatar work. I am the head founder of the VR Roleplay group "The Starstruck Scouts"

Fastest form of contact - Discord Server

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